Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wichita Kansas vs OKC (Edmond) Oklahoma

I can't believe it's already been over a year since we first learned that Boeing would be relocating the C-130 Avionics Modernization and Avionics programs to Oklahoma City in 2011.  When I first heard the news back in November of 2010, I wrote a short open letter to Boeing employees in Long Beach.  I wanted to let them know just a little of what they could expect in Oklahoma City.  I shared a few tidbits about our schools, climate, commute, and amenities.

Fast forward to January 2012 and here we are again with news to report about Boeing and Oklahoma City.  Today it was announced that Boeing will be moving 800 jobs to the Oklahoma facility from Wichita, Kansas in 2013.  That will be another incredible boost to the greater Oklahoma City metro!

I don't think anyone would disagree that there were quite a few measurable differences between Long Beach, California and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  The most obvious being that Oklahoma is land-locked and California has miles upon miles of beautiful beaches.  But the differences between Wichita and Oklahoma City (Edmond) are pretty slight.  Both states are pretty much smack dab in the center of the country.  The landscapes and culture are pretty similar.  Although I believe our climate in Oklahoma is better.  I'd rather have heat than snow any day!

Both areas have been recognized nationally among the most affordable towns to live in.  I used a cost of living calculator from comparing Wichita and Oklahoma City (Edmond) to see just what the difference would be.  Here's what I learned;

When you move to Oklahoma City (Edmond), it's going to cost you quite a bit more to rent an apartment in Edmond ($729.95) than in Wichita ($670.35).  But it will likely cost you a bit less to purchase a home in Edmond ($238,980) than in Wichita ($245,955).  Prices for groceries, goods, and services are just pennies apart in both towns.  If for some reason you need to have your washer repaired, you will pay premium pricing in Edmond.  And if your doctor has prescribed Lipitor, get your script filled in Edmond where you will apparently save over fifteen bucks (according to the comparison used)!  

All kidding aside, the two metropolitan areas are very much alike.  I think the Boeing employees moving to the Oklahoma City area from Wichita will find the similarities pretty comfortable.

If you are a Boeing employee and a move to Oklahoma City is in your future.  Start to get a feel for the area by receiving listing information via email.  By the way, as a REALTOR at CENTURY 21 Goodyear Green, I can help you with your relocation.  Our company is able to work with Altair Global Relocation, the company handling the relocation for Boeing employees. All you have to do is request me.

Talk to you soon!

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