Thursday, January 29, 2015

Oklahoma City Estate Sale this Weekend (4509 SE 80)

Hey you guys, there's an estate sale this weekend! On Friday and Saturday we'll be at 4509 SW 80th Street. That's really close to I-240 and Sunnylane. Just watch for our signs once you get off the highway. Doors will open at 10am both days.

Here's a short list of what you'll find:
  • reclining couch matching loveseat and oversized chair
  • vintage furniture
  • midcentury modern dining
  • 2 complete bedrooms
  • kitchen misc
  • medical
Our sale hours will be from 10 to 3 on Friday and Saturday (half price day). You can see all the preview pics on Facebook hereWe accept cash, check or credit card on sales over $100. Bids may be left on any item and must be picked up by 3:00 on Saturday. The property is occupied and the alarm will be set. Please do not disturb the family as there will be no early sales.

Talk to you soon!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Crown Heights in Oklahoma City

Those that follow along will remember what fun I had last year touring a different Oklahoma City business district each month then sharing a bit about what I learned (and ate). I even managed to get folks from the office on board. It was a blast! So much fun in fact, I decided that this year I'll keep the tour going and visit the neighborhoods in Oklahoma City's Historic Preservation Districts. I'm kicking it off by starting with one of my very favorites, Crown Heights.

While touring the Western Avenue District in August, I learned a bunch about the neighborhood's history by simply working the Google. In case you missed it, here's an excerpt from that post; 

Crown Heights is the area from NW 36th to NW 42nd between Western and Walker. It was developed in the 30's and 40's by GA Nichols who was a busy bee around OKC back in the day (see A City Within a City, Nichols Hills and The Paseo Arts District in Oklahoma City). The land was the original Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club golf course when he bought it. The homes that were built varied in architectural style which gives it the charm that I love so much. Have you ever noticed that the streets in Crown Heights seem to be longer than most and meander? That's by design. Nichols wanted the blocks to be twice as long as a typical block and curved slightly. What's most surprising is that most of the beautiful homes were built at the height of the Great Depression prior to WWII!

Along the tree lines streets of this historic neighborhood, you'll find modest 1100 square foot cottages and enormous 6000 square foot mansions. But a typical home in Crown Heights has about 2400 square feet with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two dining areas and two living areas. Most have detached garages. Some have finished club room basements which is not a typical feature in this part of Oklahoma. Last year (2014) 29 homes sold in Crown Heights after an average forty days on market. Just 11 of those went for less than 300K. The average sold price was just over $140 per square foot.

7 at Crown Heights
For those looking for something a bit more contemporary than white picket fence, Crown Heights is also home to the recently renovated 7 at Crown Heights development. The historic art deco building was built in 1938 and was completely restored into seven one and two bedroom luxury condo units in 2012. I first discovered this gem when I went on an architectural tour of the city a couple years ago. If you're into that kind of thing, you can read about it here.

Students living in Crown Heights attend Edgemere Elementary from pre-K through 6th grade before moving on to Douglass High School for 7th through 12th grade. It's not uncommon to see walkers, kiddos and families outside enjoying the city park, Crown Heights Park, near the center of the neighborhood. It's lush and green with a playground and baseball field.

Homes in Crown Heights don't hit the market very often and when they do, they go quickly. If you are on the lookout, let me help. Next month we'll hop over NW 36th and visit another favorite, Edgemere Park.

Talk to you soon!

Friday, January 16, 2015

You Need to Try Pizzeria Gusto in Oklahoma City

Last week the hubs and I stamped our Food Passport at Pizzeria Gusto in Oklahoma City. Have you been there yet? They opened late last year at 2415 N. Walker by the owners of Big Truck Tacos, Mutt's Amazing Hot Dogs and Back Door Barbecue. Pizzeria Gusto serves up Neapolitan pizza, pasta and salads.

Before we went to Gusto, I just knew the food would be excellent. After all, I've never been disappointed with anything I've tried at their other places. What I didn't expect was to find a full service restaurant. I just figured it would be counter service similar to the others.

We went on a Friday evening so there was a wait to be seated. The hostess estimated it would be about an hour. After adding our name to the list we made our way to the bar for a glass of wine. While there were quite a few parties waiting to be seated, it didn't feel crowded at all. We were able to place an order then comfortably enjoy our drinks and chat while we waited.

True to her word, it was about an hour before our table was ready. Once seated the two of us ordered the appetizer meatballs, chopped salad and chicken pizza to share. Because the pizza is cooked in the piping hot wood fire oven, it was ready really fast. So, while we waited a bit to be seated we didn't have to wait to eat. Just as I expected, the food was excellent!

Pizzeria Gusto is a beautiful addition to Oklahoma City. The service is fantastic and the food is even better. My only complaint was that I was too full to try the ricotta donuts I've heard so much about. If you go, promise you'll get some for me!

Talk to you soon!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Where the Tiny Houses are in OKC

Have you seen any of the Tiny Houses shows on HGTV yet? Last weekend I got caught up in a Tiny House Hunters marathon. I usually don't watch the House Hunters franchise because it's too much like work for me. When I'm home on the couch with a glass of wine I want to be entertained, not feel like I'm at work. But this one had me hooked well into the night.

The episode was about a family of four or five who lived in a typical suburban California home with a bedroom for everyone and at least two thousand square feet. They decided to sell that house and move east into a home with no more than 700 square feet, 100 square feet per person (she actually said that).

I'm pretty sure their Realtor thought they were crazy but she showed them three houses anyway. Each house they toured had one bedroom and one bathroom or um, an outhouse. Yep, one of the houses had an outhouse. Are you freaking kidding me? And the guy seemed kinda interested in that one. You see why I was hooked. I had to stay tuned in to see if they picked the outhouse house!

As I sat through the commercial break, I got to thinking about tiny houses here in Oklahoma City and grabbed my computer. See why I usually don't watch these shows?

I searched for single family homes with no more than 999 square feet. I found clusters in Edmond near 2nd Street and Fretz, in The Village along Britton between May and Western and also south of I44 between Classen and Highway 74.

Around Oklahoma City, a typical tiny house has two bedrooms and one bathroom (inside the house) and around 850 square feet. The average price is about 65K while I did see some for over 100K.

Could you and your family live in a tiny house? You could give it a try in Oklahoma City, there are plenty to choose from!

Oh, I almost forgot. On Tiny House Hunters the family didn't pick the outhouse house. They settled on one in town with about 800 square feet and enough space to create a loft for all the kids to sleep in. Cozy.

Talk to you soon!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Clean Your House in 8 Steps for Last Minute Showings

When your house is listed for sale, last minute showing requests are inevitable. Don't let those calls leave you frazzled. All you need are a few tools, some loud music, and a plan.

Talk to you soon!


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